Pali People: Michelle Pentz

Pali People: Michelle Pentz

Michelle Pentz is Spring/Summer 2017’s Pali People. Pali Swim loves Michelle because she is a modern renaissance women and a multi-talented creative.  With a rich background in print and fashion design and a love for lounging by the water, she was a natural choice to be Pali's first print designer. To learn a little more about the woman behind our Puff, Puff, Pass Print check out our interview below. 

PS: Michelle! First of all,  you already look more tan since moving to LA from SF. Jealous. Secondly, tell us a bit about your background and how that brought you to where you are today? 

Haha, just taking a hint from Pali Swim and am chasing the endless summer.  Let’s see, a five second bio: I grew up in Northern California, and bounced around schools and majors until I landed on Economics and Art Studio. I thought I’d be an economist when I grew up, [imagine wide-eyed emoji here] but fortunately a friend introduced me to the creative world of fashion design.  Since, I haven’t looked back, and I’ve been using my love for art and my business savvy to shape an interesting career. I ping-ponged my way around San Francisco, and enjoyed the opportunity to work at Levis, Old Navy, and Athleta.  In this time I was able to grow my fashion design skills, and fell face first into textile design. Now I’m a designer with lots of interests looking for the next super cool thing in Southern California.  

PS: While being so busy with all of those amazing opportunities, how did you get involved with Pali Swim? 

Working with you guys has been one of my favorite highlights in my career.  I was lucky enough to meet you both at Levi’s, and witnessed the start of Pali Swim on our epic Bali adventure. I couldn’t have been more flattered when you asked me to create Pali Swim’s first print.  

PS: And thank god you did because people are loving the print! What was the inspiration behind those beautiful little sea creatures?

The inspiration? You guys of course!  With your awesome vision, I really feel like we created the print together.  Sea creatures were a natural choice for your swimwear line, and I am very happy with how the print came to life.  I love the strong contrasts: the complicated element in the simple composition, the black and white, and the caught in motion movement.  These elements couldn’t be better highlighted than in your Kokomo one piece.

PS: Can you tell us a bit about the process to create a print?

Sure, first you guys presented a beautiful inspiration packet, with direction and examples of super cool art things.  Next, I googled a bunch to see what already existed in the market, then began my sketching.  I prefer computer paper and a Bic mechanical pencil to fancy sketching tools.  I sketched, and painted and sketched some more until together we landed on our favorite fish.  From there, I scanned them into the computer, cleaned them up, tossed them about, and got them ready for the screen printed debut.  

PS: Where are you most looking forward to seeing your print in action? 

Kokomo is my first thought :)  But if I were to answer where will I wear my new favorite next?  The Kokomo and I are heading towards some pool side lounging in the Hollywood Hills, the South Bay beach scene, and tubing in the Yuba river this summer.  Hopefully that’s just the start!

Sounds like a plan, meet you there? For more information on Michelle check out her website


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