• "I just received my Kokomo one piecetoday and it is Oh. So. Perfect. The material is soft and the fit is wonderful. I feel absolutely awesome in this suit. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will recommend your suits every woman I know!"

    - Kristin, 35

  • "I bought this suit for myself at Traveler in Pacifica and I love it! My mom lives in Kona and was admiring it when I was visiting, so I sent her one, too - and she is seriously the most confident I have ever seen her in a suit. You created such a well-made suit in a classic cut that it seriously spanning generations. So stoked! Thank you!"

    - Gene….and her mom.

  • "My Marco Polo bikini is one of my most complimented outfits. It's super quick-drying, so I can wear it all day. It's great for the beach, the pool, or under a sheer top as a bralette. Seriously, Pali swim makes the best bikini I've ever owned - and I grew up in Hawaii!"

    - Erin, 29

  • “I just got this color-block bikini (black on top, blue on bottom) from local, S.F.-based label Pali Swim and I’m loving it. It’s just the right amount of coverage and it’s built for activity. No matter how much I am chasing my kid around, nothing falls out of place.”-

    - Katie 

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